16 Days and counting…

Well, the first post on here had to be about something….so why not about the fact that after literally 6 months of planning that seemed like an eternity, in a little over two weeks, Will and I will be leaving the country to actually begin this yearlong adventure that is the Graduate Preaching Fellowship (GPF)? Sounds like a great topic to me!

Perhaps I just didn’t realize how quickly it would come up because the first four months after we found out about this honor, we were planning a wedding like mad men…mad women?….mad persons? Whatever. We were absorbed in the craziness of wedding planning and, being that the wedding was first, it was the priority. Then when the wedding festivities were finished, the trip to Africa was on our doorstep. And now it is nearly here! 16 days and counting. 

Actually, 14 days and counting because we are spending two days in the Seattle area for an extended layover with Will’s parents. So, two weeks from today, we will have to have all our paperwork in, all our things packed, all our other things in storage, [most if not] all of our goodbyes said, all of our affairs in order, and our passports back….two weeks….from today….ACK!!!

As if this were not exciting enough, the FBI is a bit backed up and we have not gotten our background checks back so that we can send in our paperwork to the South African Embassy and get our visas. Time is ticking away on that…and we will not be back in the cities until August 20th. So, we need to have them overnighted to us in New Mexico, where we will be for the next week with my Dad and Aunt and Uncle and hopefully all will get in and get back to us in time….stay tuned. If it doesn’t work out, who’s got a place for us to crash while we wait for it to get back to us. 

Fortunately, none of this is stressful so Will and I have nothing to worry about. 


16 days and counting….



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