Well, we made it to Dubai anyway, let’s hope we don’t get sick

I would say something really witty here, but I’ve been awake for 2 days straight…2? 3? Yes, I think it’s 2, maybe. Well, I mean it’s 8:30pm Central time and 6:30pm Pacific Time and it’s 5:30am in Dubai, but we don’t get to sleep until later at some point…Which I think is still today. Today being Saturday. Friday didn’t actually exist for us. It wasn’t a day. It was like it was a ghost…or something. Needless to say we are tired, but we received our passports 2 hours before we left for the airport (though minus a marriage certificate) and now we are in the midst of our 15 hour layover, which was actually made shorter by our plane running out of fuel and into a sandstorm. Sounds exciting, right? 

Oh…and we don’t get to have health insurance yet….awesome. In the words of one of our friends, we will “not eat anything bad, not drink anything bad, and not step in anything bad”….or at least we’ll try to.

I wish I could write more, but we only get 30 minutes of wifi and we’re running short on time. More later. Stay tuned. The next time we post, the world really will be upside down (the toilets will flush the other direction and everything!).

Love from Dubai!

Katie and Will


One thought on “Well, we made it to Dubai anyway, let’s hope we don’t get sick

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