Two lefts don’t make a right…

The title to this post fits in a twofold sort of way. 

First of all, today we (probably) get our car. We are going to be driving an automatic, which is strange in three ways. 1) Most cars in this country are manual transmission cars. 2) Will and I both are used to driving manual transmission cars. And 3) It is a Mercedes, which neither one of us is used to driving. One of the parishioners has very generously offered to lend us a car for our stead here which is AMAZING!!!! And that pretty much sums up the way that we feel about everyone that we have met here. Every person that we have come in contact with has been warm and welcoming and gone out of their way to help us feel like we belong here.

We have been invited to dinners and people have opened their houses to us and lent us a car and said that they will help in whatever way they can! We are overflowing with gratitude for how people have rushed to make this transition easier for us. Thank you, Red Point!

The other side of this point is that we will be driving on the right side of the car and the left side of the road-opposite of what we are used to doing. When I was living in Scotland, I drove about 5 times, and I’m not sure that it is something that comes back to you as easily as riding a bike. So, I’ll have to figure it out again for the second time from scratch. Will has never done it, so it will be a challenge for both of us. But, we’ll be okay once we figure out where we are going.

And now the second connection to the title of this post. I’m not sure how much all of you have been following our saga of putting the Graduate Preaching Fellowship (GPF) together. Let’s just say it has been a bit of a challenge. At points it has lived fully into Murphy’s law that “Everything that can go wrong, will”. IT’s not quite that bad anymore now that we are here, but there are still pieces that we are finding we need to figure out and it is wearing us a bit thin. Newly added to this list are the fact that Will cannot sign into his student loans account because for some reason, though they have sent him emails, they do not have his email attached to his account. What?! And we are finding that, though we thought we had brought every adapter possibility known to man with us….they still don’t fit into the sockets here, so we have to buy yet another one here. Also, we’re not sure if our date plans that we bought for our phone actually work. Will’s phone does not have wireless connectivity as an option, so he has to use data in order to get online. We’re not sure if it is just that there isn’t a signal up here or if it is really not working. So, we’ll have to figure that out as well. And we will. These are just small things and hopefully easily figured out.

Two lefts don’t make a right…but three do. Let’s do this!



One thought on “Two lefts don’t make a right…

  1. Oh my gosh how fun. So glad to see you all got there! I can’t believe it was a 2 hour window between when you got your visas to your plane ride out of the states!! Crazy. Happy to see you’ve made it to South Africa! Happy adventuring!! 🙂


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