Bunny Curry

I have found the best food in the world. It is known as bunny chowder or bunny curry. The first time we had it was on Sunday night after church. It is amazing. No, it is not made out of bunnies. There seems to be a distinct lack of those around here. It is a type of curry made with any number of types of meat served in a bread bowl. It is spicy hot and spicy flavorful and I love it. Since arriving here, I have eaten it twice (but almost three times) and I plan on eating it multiple times a day….I mean week…I mean whenever I can from here on out. 

Well, maybe not that much because I’m sure there are so many other types of food that I am going to try and love. As for now, it is my favorite and so delicious that I felt it needed its own post dedicated to it. 

Perhaps I’ll make you all some when we return.



2 thoughts on “Bunny Curry

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