What can make a hippopotamus smile?

I don’t know. I haven’t seen any of those yet. I have, however, been introduced to the wonderful bird called the Ibis. They are affectionately (or not-so-affectionately) called Ha-di-ha birds because when they make noise, that is what it sounds like they are saying. Except it is about 3000 decibels louder than any other bird ever. They are LOUD! And really funny looking. I’m not to the point of being annoyed by them yet. I just find them highly amusing. 

In other news, Will and I ventured to the beach yesterday for a bit of a walk This was exciting and fear-invoking for two reasons. 1) We have no idea where anything is yet, so finding our way there into a big city could have proven to be an adventure and 2) Will had never driven on the right side of the car/left side of the road before and I had only done it a few times in Scotland, so we could have killed ourselves driving. Luckily, everything turned our well. I drove on the way down and Will navigated through gritted teeth and racing heartbeat and we switched positions on the way back.

The beaches are lovely here. Very windy! Will’s hair was standing straight up by the time we went inside and mine was in snarls, but it was a gloriously sunny day and the Indian Ocean was wild to see. It was choppy and alive. The Ocean is also very warm here-at least comparatively. It is still considerably colder than most of the lakes that I’m used to swimming in, but warmer than either the Pacific or Atlantic. 

Apparently there are jellyfish here. We saw squids, but no jellyfish on the beach. I hope that trend continues. I don’t think I’d like jellyfishes. 

Anyway, this was a rather uninformative post, but I wanted to document our adventures…so I did.




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