“We all have monkey problems”

We’ve moved! I have seriously written this article three times now. The first two, in my struggles to make my tablet work on wordpress, were erased. So, I have come to the conclusion that I can only post on the chromebook….so I shall. Anyway, as of last Saturday evening, we are happy residents of a one-room, thatch-roofed, granny cottage on the property of one of the pastors at Red Point. It’s adorable and cozy and our own space. We are quickly settling in and spreading out (with our 2 suitcases of possessions in this hemisphere). We have gone grocry shopping twice and are rapidly discovering things that are not present from our usual grocery marts in America. So, new staples we will find. 

I am happy to report that last night (for the second time since arriving in South Africa) I slept all the way through the night, from midnight to about 6am. Huzzah! It has made today much less exhausting to be sure. The bunny chow I had today also helped with that. (Seriously, I cannot get enough). Our new home is lovely.

Which haphazardly brings me to the title of my post. After our day of experiencing on of the schools that Red Point sponsors, figuring out what we are doing for the rest of the week, eating lunch, and downloading important materials onto my kindle, Will and I found ourselves sitting on our couches at home with the windows open….as they are all time, really. doing our respective things when we heard this odd noise. I turned to Will after a few minutes of it and said “Is that a chicken or a monkey?” Will listened a few more times and replied, “it’s gotta be a chicken.” I was not convinced, but not unconvinced, so I started sticking my head out the windows around the house trying to figure out which direction it was coming from. I decided it was coming from behind the main house. Will and I set out to see if, indeed, it was a chicken or a monkey. Down by the pool, we met Grant and asked what the sound was and he told us it was a monkey. 

We’ve heard many tales about the monkeys in this area. Apparently, they are quite the nuisance. They will steal food out of people’s gardens. If you leave your window open they will come in and steal the fruit off of your table. If you have a hammock, they will sleep in it. They are supposedly quite cheeky. Yet, Will and I had only seen one since being here and it was on the boardwalk by the ocean. Will, Grant and his family, and I all went over to the overlook and Will and I have now seen two monkeys and are hoping to see more, hopefully being silly. I love silly animals.

Well, off to the next thing. Tonight we get to meet a few Americans that are in the country.

Much love from KZN!



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