A new day

I’m cold. I didn’t anticipate saying that when Will and I were preparing to come to Africa, but I am. I’m cold. Today it is in the low seventies, overcast, and damp. Which, when I was in Scotland, was called summer. But for some reason, I’m cold today. I think it’s an expectation thing. I didn’t expect to be cold in Africa. I didn’t pack for it to be cold in Africa. And by cold, I mean below 80 degrees (or 27 degrees C). I’m super lame

However, today, I am also happy. Today Will and I had friends and made friends. One of the people we met at the church invited us to meet some of his friends and hang out. So, we did. It was a HOOT! We went bowling. Will was asked if we had ever gone bowling before. I told him he should have said no, but he didn’t…he’s so honest. And, really, that is the theme of our time with our new found friends. Will is nice and honest, and I tease people mercilessly and lie like it’s my job to get people to laugh when they realize I’m just putting them on. It made today very fun.

We are slowly becoming accustomed to things here. The driving is getting easier, we are recognizing faces and learning names, we are maybe even making friends. We are trying new things and finding small things that we can cling to here. It’s shaping up to be a good first few weeks.

At the moment, I am finding happiness sitting on a couch in our living/dining room watching SVU with my glass of wine and my husband cuddled up next to me. This is home.


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