…and then a bird pooped on my head

…and by a bird pooped on my head, I mean a bird pooped on my couch and my dining table and on the floor and probably in the bedroom and…it smells.

Will and I have had a fairly busy past few days. We’ve been to an orphanage (LIV village, check it out http://www.liv-village.com/), been to some soup kitchens, been to an all-day retreat, been to two churches for worship, witnessed baptism, had dinner with some pretty great people, and had a meeting with the director/CEO of Focus on the Family for all of Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s been amazing and a bit overwhelming as well. Through these conversations and experiences, it is my belief that Africa is changing the world. The old men are dreaming dreams, the young men are seeing visions, and the sons and daughters are prophesying to the nations. The Spirit is continually being poured out upon all flesh here and it’s incredible.

People get ideas of how they can spread the Gospel in and to various contexts, which I suppose we do in America as well, but here, THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Some of the ideas work with only a few, and some are striving to work with the entire country and spread to the world. Regardless of the target group, the world will be changed through these peoples’ commitment to care for other people and keep their eyes on Christ. They actually let the Holy Spirit work in them and use them as instruments and it’s a sight to see. Oh to have that sort of vision and have it realized, how wonderful it must be.

Anyway, amid all the running around we’ve been doing, we left our bathroom window open yesterday morning and a pigeon decided the best idea would be to walk into our cottage and get stuck inside. So, we came home from the first worship service only to find a bird flying around our apartment. And, because it is a thatch-roof cottage, the bird had free reign of the building and took up a perch too high for us to reach. Because it was scared, it pooped everywhere. Finally, it attempted multiple times to escape through the picture window and I grabbed it with my hands (and a towel barricade from nasty-birdness) and let it go out one of our other windows. The poor little thing was terrified!

Needless to say, I’ve disinfected everything.



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