Top 10 from the weekend

I noticed my post have become long – and since the next one or two may be long as well (I have them rumbling in my mind), here’s a shorter, ten point one for your to breeze through.

Since last Thursday, here are the top 10 things that have happened:

10.  I’ve eaten Bunny Chow twice.  Check out this post in case you didn’t catch what it is.

9.  I wrote notes on the eggs in our fridge for Katie.  You know, things like “Brrr, it’s cold in the fridge” and whatnot.

8.  We went to a market and saw twenty peacocks!  We also bought five books…

7.  We bought some ChocoRockerz cereal – basically CocoRoos.

6.  I finished reading the Divergent series!

5.  Listened to Michael Cassidy (a personal friend of Billy Graham and evangelist in South Africa) speak at RedPoint – twice.

4. Started one of the hardest puzzles I’ve ever done.  Katie’s working on the yellow birds.  I’m working on these pink/purple/white flowers that it are nearly impossible to fit together based on the image (because all the pieces have all those colors).  So, I have to resort to the shapes of the pieces.  I think I’ve put 20 or so pieces together in two hours or more of working – and it’s driving me a bit insane.

3.  We went to the African Art Center in Durban and learned about how this organization is helping artists make a living in KZN.

2.  I met more dopplegangers – this time Chelsea Falk and Professor David Fredrickson from Luther Seminary.

1. Visited Indawo yeThemba, a cluster-foster type organization in Ashburton, KZN.  I’ll post more on this place this week – I was very impressed by it.


PS – This photo was taken without any zoom…the peacock wandered less than three feet from me!



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