A dark and stormy night…

There have been a few of these lately.  Nights dark and windy, rain pitter-pattering the thatch.  It’s spring in South Africa.  And no matter how many times I tell myself this, November doesn’t register as “spring”.

The last few weeks have been busy – I’ll relate more about them soon.  Tomorrow we head up to Lesotho for a couple of days of…well…I’m not totally sure what.  The organization we are going with (created by members of RedPoint) keeps saying that it will be an amazing experience.  I don’t doubt them, it’s simply that while we’ve been told what we will be doing (possibly preaching, experiencing life, working at a soup kitchen and maybe with some children), we’ve also been told that our plans could entirely change and not be any of what has been explained to us.  Should be an adventure!

It’s now 9:15pm and I haven’t begun to pack – let alone find my camera and charge it.  I do know where my passport is which is a step in the right direction!

More soon from KZN.  Hope all your faithful readers are well.



2 thoughts on “A dark and stormy night…

  1. Sounds like an adventure is ahead. Enjoying reading your posts. Glad all is going well. We are into a stormy time, also. It snowed and we are experiencing frigid temps. Here we go — winter is upon us!!



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