Happy Halloween!

Today is January 9, 2015 and I am celebrating Halloween. For today, I (finally) received the package my lovely sister, Elizabeth, sent me on October 15, assuming that it would arrive in time for Halloween. Since it didn’t arrive in time for the traditional Halloween, I have decided that I am going to celebrate Halloween today instead.

Costume: Nerd. I have my glasses on, my button up shirt tucked into my pants, and by golly, if I had some masking tape I would put tape on my glasses.

Candy: Unfortunately, I am trying this new diet (slash have been for 4 weeks) and I only get to eat 500 calories today….so I will count today as the trick-or-treating day and eat chocolate and Swedish fish (both of which came in my package) tomorrow!

Jack-o-lantern: I carved a tomato instead.

Halloween in January in South Africa. CHECK!

In other news, the package contained wonderful things. She sent me a pound of Caribou’s Amy’s Blend coffee, which I enjoyed a cup of with my stovetop espresso maker. She sent me two bags of Swedish fish, which I will generously share with Will and any of you that wish to visit me. (there’s some enticement for you). And two bags of CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!! I am giddy with girlish glee! On top of those wonderful things, Zee also included a Halloween card that is stupendously funny….it’s too good to be explained on here…I’ll keep it and show it to anyone who wishes to see it…and also a note written on glorified post-its, which we both love.

In the note that Elizabeth wrote, she told me that I need to write more and I need to post more pictures. SO! My new New Year’s resolution is to post on here more per her request. I will also try to post more pictures, but the Chromebook doesn’t always get along with my camera…I will try though.

To top off this wonderful Halloween, I also was able to Facetime with my sis and both of my mother’s sisters for a few minutes today.

It has been a goodish day.j

Happy Halloween, everyone!



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