Montana, Here We Come!

So, it has finally happened! Will and I have accepted the calls to be pastors in the ELCA. Our calls will be in little towns in the wonderfully beautiful state of Montana and we couldn’t be more excited to go there. The congregations are filled with wonderful people. We can already tell that through the ways they have worked with us in our times without internet and our lives on the run and through the warm welcome they gave my parents when they went out there. This will be good.

Because Will and I are both pastors and have both been called to the ministry of Word and Sacrament, we have decided that it is important to celebrate each of our ordinations as separate ceremonies instead of squishing them both into one service. Both occasions are worth celebrating. So, we will be getting ordained on the evening of September 11 and sometime in the late morning or early afternoon of September 12. Clear your calendars, we expect you all to be there! (just kidding…but you are all formally invited). This has been a long time coming (at least for me) and it would be great if any of you could be there. More information to come.

Now the next step begins. We must plan ordinations and travel plans and logistics from the status of “lives on the run”. It’s an odd experience to be living two lives, and very difficult. At times it seems as if we are in two places at once and so never reallly present in either. We are constantly thinking about our future calls- logistics, ordinations, compensation packages, moving, life as pastors, etc- and trying to make plans for all those things while simultaneously trying to be present with the congregations, people, and places that we are physically in. It’s tough and sometimes feels like we are being pulled (or torn). After doing this for almost 6 months (by the time we get back) will we know how to live one life? I can only imagine what it will be like to be a whole person again. That is one of the things I am looking forward to about life back in the States- being able to be where I am.

But for now, there are many things to be thinking about and doing as the two lives run parallel for us for another 5 weeks. We are here now, we are there then, we are over there after that, and then we are going to learn what it is to be home and have that home be a physical manifestation of a place Will and I have been dreaming of and holding only in our minds. It will be wonderful.

Much love from Paris,



One thought on “Montana, Here We Come!

  1. This is such great news! I am so excited for both of you, as well as for the lucky congregations that you will serve! Keep us updated on all of the details, and in the meantime, enjoy your last days in Europe! Blessings upon blessings to you!


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