Taize and Ordinations

Katie and I are heading to the Taize monastery later today – we’ll be there for the next few weeks.  We’ll be doing a week of regular programming, a week of service, and a week of silence.  It should be a great time.  Internet may be limited, and so may our updates on things.

So, here’s a little follow up on the last post.  We’ll be getting ordained at Luther Seminary, in Saint Paul, Minnesota.   Katie’s will be the evening (7 or 8pm) of September 11, Will’s the late morning-ish (11am, probably) of September 12.  And our friends Pierre and Susan have offered their home for a joint celebration party after Will’s on the 12th at their home near Brooklyn Park. More details on that at a later time…but it will be a good party.

What is ordination attire?  Wear red!  Red dress, tie, skirt, suspenders, cowboy boots, whatever you have!

Again, we would love for you to be there!

The lucky churches getting us?  For Katie, Terry Community Presbyterian Church and Fallon Hope American Lutheran Church.  For Will, Zion Lutheran in Glendive.  We’ll be living at the parsonage in Terry.

We’re very excited!

For now, though, we are still in Europe.  It’s time to go get packed up, catch a couple trains, then a bus, and spend some time at Taize!



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