5 Reflections in Keflavik

So the last few weeks I’ve been reflecting about this year.  Here is part of that reflection – in five categories (and one bonus category):

5 Things I’ve Missed about the US

Stores that are open late…Reliable electricity…Ability to call and talk with friends and family…Quick internet…up-to-date news.

5 Churches I’ve Loved Visiting

San Marcos, Venice, Italy…Iona Abbey Church, Iona, Scotland, UK…Garga and Gboutou congregations, Cameroon…Sacre Coeur, Paris, France…Notre-Dame, Paris, France.

5 New Foods I’ve Tried

Kudu…Bunny Chow…Cassava…Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties…and Tablet.

5 New Experiences I’ve Had

Slept in a five-start hotel courtesy of the airline…Was a foot away from a live, wild rhinoceros with no fence…Rode a motorcycle…Visited three countries in one day…Saw the vines the grapes my wine was grown on.

5 Languages I’ve Spoken


Bonus: 4 Airports I Spent Most or All of the Night…and 1 Bus

Dubai…Johannesburg…Addis Ababa…Bus from London to Glasgow…Keflavik.

And now, sitting in the final airport, the sun is finally rising at about 6:15am – around the same time it rose in the height of summer in Cameroon.  About 10 hours, now, before we board our flight back to Minneapolis!



Coming Home!

In just a couple of hours Katie and I will start our journey back to the States!  We leave tonight, bound for Iceland, where we have a long layover and arrive back in the Twin Cities tomorrow evening.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and thoughts the last twelve months.  The last year has been an incredible adventure…but we are excited to go home!

The next step once we are home, beyond a laundry list of errands, are our ordinations!  Again, Katie’s will be Friday, September 11, 7pm at the Chapel of the Cross at Luther Seminary.  Mine will be the following day, Saturday, September 12, 11am, at the same place.  Hope to see you there!