5 Reflections in Keflavik

So the last few weeks I’ve been reflecting about this year.  Here is part of that reflection – in five categories (and one bonus category):

5 Things I’ve Missed about the US

Stores that are open late…Reliable electricity…Ability to call and talk with friends and family…Quick internet…up-to-date news.

5 Churches I’ve Loved Visiting

San Marcos, Venice, Italy…Iona Abbey Church, Iona, Scotland, UK…Garga and Gboutou congregations, Cameroon…Sacre Coeur, Paris, France…Notre-Dame, Paris, France.

5 New Foods I’ve Tried

Kudu…Bunny Chow…Cassava…Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties…and Tablet.

5 New Experiences I’ve Had

Slept in a five-start hotel courtesy of the airline…Was a foot away from a live, wild rhinoceros with no fence…Rode a motorcycle…Visited three countries in one day…Saw the vines the grapes my wine was grown on.

5 Languages I’ve Spoken


Bonus: 4 Airports I Spent Most or All of the Night…and 1 Bus

Dubai…Johannesburg…Addis Ababa…Bus from London to Glasgow…Keflavik.

And now, sitting in the final airport, the sun is finally rising at about 6:15am – around the same time it rose in the height of summer in Cameroon.  About 10 hours, now, before we board our flight back to Minneapolis!



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