Here’s To Trusting God…

Hello, avid and wonderful readers!

First of all, thank you. Thank you for following us through the ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and sorrows of this past 12 (almost 13) months. It has meant a lot to know that you were out there cheering us on and supporting us in the times when we felt far away. Thank you for being with us in spirit and in prayer as we went from place to place learning and experiencing what God is doing in this world through the church.

Second, I thought I should give a little update on what has been going on since we arrived back in the States. It has been quite the whirlwind-fitting in quite well with the rest of our year. We arrived back in the Twin Cities on August 26th at 6pm and haven’t really stopped since. We’ve seen our families. We’ve planned ordinations. We’ve actually gotten ordained. We have helped organize some things back in Fond du Lac with my Mom. We have eaten a lot and been taken in by a wonderful couple in our time between abroad and Montana.

And then two weeks ago, we began the trek to our new home in Terry, Montana. We returned to Fond du Lac to pick up the U-haul and a few pieces of furniture from there. Sunday we  drove back to Minneapolis, but arrived too late to finish our loading. So Monday morning, we cleared out our storage unit, threw out our backs and loaded the rest of the truck. Monday afternoon we set off to North Dakota to spend time with our lovely pastor friends there and Tuesday evening at around 7, we were met by a welcoming committee from our churches for the unloading of the truck and crawling into bed in our new house and community. The whirlwind continues….

This may be the last post on this blog. It’s been a year. I say that without any qualifiers because there are too many. This year was a year that Will and I will remember forever. We have learned and grown so much through it all and as we now take our next steps in a new direction, we carry in our hearts love for all the people we have met and places we have been to/through. It’s been quite the experience, but we are ready for some stability.

We are ready to be in one community and to attend the same churches each week.

We are ready to start our marriage together in our own space with our own rhythm.

We are ready to speak words of hope, joy, grace, and Jesus’ love and work in this world beyond the borders of the USA.

Though we are ready for this new part of our lives, we will continue to be grateful for the life we have lived this year abroad. We will not forget the smiles, prayers, hugs, acts of kindness, love, support, housing, and numerous other things that you have all given us this year.

We leave the life of craziness and movement to begin our lives of parish pastorhood-which I suppose has a fair amount of those as well. And we carry you all in our hearts as we go and as we stay. May our relationships with you continue, even as we are further (or for some nearer) than we have been. We love you and appreciate you.

Much love, one more time, from Montana,

Katie (and Will)IMG_1110


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